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Our Mission

Multilateral Advisory Services (MAS) strives to foster a sound environment of continuous growth for our clients and to earn the respect, trust and confidence of our clients; to develop the optimum possible standards of service for operations, maximize their earnings and cut down on their losses (if any).

Who are we?

We are a consultancy boutique focusing on small to medium size business. We are specialized in "Turn-around situation", "Profit Improvement", "Management Reorganization", "Management Consultancy Support", "Company Sale & MBI", "Mergers & Acquisition" and "Funds Raising & Equity Funding". We deliver expert support in these key areas as well as Interim Management and other Professional Services that could be tailored to your specific company.The breadth and depth of our consultants’ expertise, we can quickly understand your situation, create practical solutions and implement them to bring your business back to its profitable and healthy status.

Our professionals are all senior executives with successful track records in small, medium and multinational environments. We are flexible, hands-on and dedicated to deliver tangible results that are reflected in real added value to your company.

What do we do?

It all begins and ends with you, our client. We assess & analyze your current situation, develop an action plan, and implement it alongside with you so your issues are solved and targets are achieved.

MAS business is helping to make companies more valuable, profitable and market fit in tough economic conditions.

We help management and business owners make big decisions on: strategy, operations, improving profits and processes, turn around-situations, investing & divesting, mergers and acquisitions.

We, then help them in translating these decisions into action (executable plans) to get tangible results. In summary, we help you in fundamentally changing your company

Value Proposition

What differentiates MAS from other consultancy firms is that we don’t charge you before seeing tangible results. Our business is to improve your business. In most cases, if not all, our remuneration is based upon success-fee.

Aside from the "Facts Finding" fees, you don't incur any fees till you see concrete and physical results within your company.

We work with you on your premises, share your business burden and develop plans that work.

We put our knowledge, experience and networks to serve you and fix your business problems, so you get back on track or go ahead with your expansion projects.

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