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Lean Start up

Did you ever wonder why many start ups fail to acquire the necessary funds to launch their business. Also, have you ever questioned why angel investors are reluctant to invest in new project and start ups even though all theoretical studies (business plan, financial projections, product prototype, etc…) were done to support the new product / idea.

Have a look at the following article on Harvard Business Review (HBR). It’s something that Multilateral Advisory Services (MAS) is specialized in…

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

In the past few years, the number of CSO appointments has surged. Interviews with executive recruiters point to the growing prevalence of this role in many industries, and CSOs are already serving large multinational companies around the world.

So what’s the role of a CSO, and what’s the added value that he/she brings in to the organization?

I bet you’re interested to know!. Have a look at this article that summarizes it all. Again, another specialty of MAS

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