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Company Sale & MBI

Sell your business quickly and at right price

MAS's Business Sale Program is unique and distinguished. Unlike many companies who merely provide a listing service, we are extremely pro-active on that front, since company sales represent one of two things: 

  • Owner(s) retirement
  • Divesting an unprofitable operation
  • Divesting a non-core business and keep management and resources focused on central operations

In all cases, We pride ourselves on being the catalyst for bringing the ideal match, and create a win-win situation for bother seller (you) and the buyer.  We will careful monitor the whole process and be will be right there with you at every stage until the company is sold and the deal is closed.

MAS is unique - In addition to our access to individual and entrepreneurial buyers, we also have a large network of senior executives, investors and corporate buyers interested in acquiring businesses.

MAS is refreshingly different - we will pro-actively help you to sell your business quickly and for the best possible price.

Please read this website for an understanding of how we operate and then contact us for a free confidential consultation - simply send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (604) 355-2211


Sell your business successfully with MAS - each different stage requires special skills which MAS will put at your disposal.

Assess the company: This phase is to evaluate the market value of subject company as is;without modifying or fixing any of its business structure, product sourcing, sales terms or tax planning

Prepare the company: Based on the initial assessment, a list of the company strength and weaknesses is produced. Then an additional list is made detailing the quick fixes that could be done and increase the company's value in the market

Price & Market Approach: Following the preparation, attractive & market oriented presentation are generated along with sales memorandum supporting sales price sought

Target Buyers: MAS strategically identify all potential buyers through its networks and affiliated partners, including trade buyers, investors, and MBI sources

Negotiation: Once a "show of interest" or an MOI is received from one or more serious buyers, MAS handles all related negotiations on your behalf under strict confidentiality, keeping its objective as to maximize your sales proceeds through building a competing environment amongst the interested buyers.

Complete the deal: Once the terms of the sales agreement are negotiated and agreed upon them,  the whole deal will be forwarded to you to cash in the money.

MAS has the expertise and top industry connections plus our own significant investor base and thousands of potential MBI investors & executives.
MAS is unique and effective. It delivers results!

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