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Profit Improvement Program

Even in the best of times, improving profits is a constant challenge due to product sourcing,cut throat competition, market conditions, and product innovation. All of these parameters increase the pressure on the trade gross margin and subsequently the profit. Therefore in order to sustain your cost advantage, you need to be ahead of the game and always looking for initiative to improve your profit. So, when the times comes and you want to sell your company, the transaction is completed with full optimization.

On the other hand, if you're suffering from continuous declining in your gross margin, or losing market share to your competitors or your overhead costs are increasing through the roof, you'd better take a serious look on what kind of actions, decisions and structure could improve the profit and stop the current bleeding.

This is where MAS could step in and assist you in either revamping the whole business structure or boost your existence performance. MAS program lets you identify and realize operational or strategic changes that will positively affect the business performance and let your company be immune to market changes and still yielding high profits and dividends. 

The MAS Improvement Program is focused on increasing the operational efficiencies, reducing financial burden and raising the valuation of your company. Consequently, gaining a competitive edge in the market place and sustaining costs advantage over the competitors

MAS Approach

Our approach is to look for opportunities to reduce operating cost and to improve revenue.But we focus on more than simple “cost-cutting”. While we seek to eliminate costs that add no real value to the business, we may actually recommend increased spend on critical areas that can really drive profitability. We also cast a strategic eye over the company’s customer base, routes to market and product positioning. We look for quick-wins that can improve short-term viability, as well as longer-term initiatives that will build value ready for sale.

We would expect to work with your company potentially months (or even a year) prior to it actually coming to sale. In this way, any cost reduction, revenue enhancement or value improvement initiatives we implement will be, by sale date, treated as normal and imbedded practices that a potential purchaser will not be allowed to ignore in establishing sale price.

Our remuneration is normally based on a pure success fee and/or per-diem fee rate, or a combination of these, depending on circumstances. Our aim is to deliver value improvements to your company that can be financed by increments in your cash flow rather than by burdening existing flows.

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